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Ultra7z Video to AV1/H265/H264 Converter 1.03

Ultra7z Video to AV1/H265/H264 Converter
Video converter to modern formats AV1/H.265(HEVC)/H.264(AVC) with fast GPU acceleration for free! AV1 has high compression ratio – better than H.256/H.264. It allows you to save disk space for video storage. AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) is a modern open video format that provides superior lossy and lossless compression for video files (replacement for H264/265). One of the interesting features is that you can specify the desired file size, for example, 1400 MB for a movie (or as a percentage, for example, 80% of the original size), and the program will automatically select the conversion settings for the best quality. Support for encoding and decoding on AMD and Nvidia video cards provides very fast video conversion (several times faster than on the processor). Multithreading support also speeds up the video encoding process. Important: AV1, unlike H. 265 (HEVC), is open, meaning no one has to pay to use it. It uses program ffmpeg.exe. Batch processing of files and drag-n-drop. Program optimizes your file to new one with Ā«_optimizedĀ» name ending (source file will remain intact). Reduce the size of your video files in one click! AV1 video files are 50% smaller in size compared to H.264 and 30% to H.265.
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Ultra7z Archivers Chart

Last update: 09.12.2023
Full table here
09.12.2023 – Tested Zstandard 1.5.5 (very fast decompression and good compression compared to classic ZIP),
WinRAR 7.0b2 (worse than the previous version, because strong methods have been removed),
BCM 2.03, BCM 1.65 (-b2047), PPMX 0.09, SQUID 0.03,
kanncompr 3.0 (based on artificial neural networks, very slow, but interesting).

06.12.2023 – Tested Kanzi 2.2 (new very perspective powerful compressor with many compression options and algorithms for fast and strong compression/decompression and multithreading),
paq8px150 (-3)(relatively fast mode compared to newer very slow versions).

22.03.2021 – Tested BCM 1.60, BCM 2.0a3, Lzpm 0.18
22.04.2020 – Tested FP8v6 (4th place), bizp2 1.06, bzip2 (7-zip 19.0)
05.04.2020 – Tested Razor 1.03.7, Lzpm 0.17, PowerArchiver 2019, Balz 1.50, BCM 1.51
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