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Ultra FreeArc Optimizer 1.02

Ultra FreeArc Optimizer (English)
Optimize and convert your .arc archives to smaller ones! Auto switch LZMA/PPMD/GRZIP/EXE/DISPACK/DELTA/DICT/LZP/REP/TTA during creation arc-archives (+ improved (tuned) lzma for jpg, bmp, wav, exe…) Full compatible with original ARC format. High compression ratio – better than non tuned FreeArc original. Batch processing of archives (drag-n-drop). Fast and Ultra modes for repacking! Reduce the size of your old and new archives in one click! Save space on your computer or cloud storage, and don’t overpay for storing your files! External compressors: PRECOMP, SREP, ZPAQ, LPAQ8, FP8, PAQ8PX, MCM, Kanzi, Razor.
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