Ultra7z Archivers Chart

Last update: 09.12.2023
Full table here
09.12.2023 – Tested Zstandard 1.5.5 (very fast decompression and good compression compared to classic ZIP),
WinRAR 7.0b2 (worse than the previous version, because strong methods have been removed),
BCM 2.03, BCM 1.65 (-b2047), PPMX 0.09, SQUID 0.03,
kanncompr 3.0 (based on artificial neural networks, very slow, but interesting).

06.12.2023 – Tested Kanzi 2.2 (new very perspective powerful compressor with many compression options and algorithms for fast and strong compression/decompression and multithreading),
paq8px150 (-3)(relatively fast mode compared to newer very slow versions).

22.03.2021 – Tested BCM 1.60, BCM 2.0a3, Lzpm 0.18
22.04.2020 – Tested FP8v6 (4th place), bizp2 1.06, bzip2 (7-zip 19.0)
05.04.2020 – Tested Razor 1.03.7, Lzpm 0.17, PowerArchiver 2019, Balz 1.50, BCM 1.51

02.04.2017 – Tested WinZip 21.0, ZPAQ 7.15
12.12.10 – Tested Paq8kx7 – new 1st place (but very slow)! Tested Stuffit 14 (33th place, up to 10 places from Stuffit 12) – best mp3 compression, CMM4 0.2b (29th place), BSC 2.4.0 (46th place)
Updated 7-zip 9.20 (31th place), Pimple 1.43 (39th place)
10.11.10 – Tested WinRK 3.1.2 (3rd place), WinZip 15 (47th place) (zipx)
6.11.10 – Tested Paq8px69 (2nd place), FP8v1 (5th place), NanoZip 0.08 (11th place), ZPAQ 2.0 (16th place), Bit Archiver 0.7 (40th place), Pim 2.90 (48th place), BCM 0.12 (57th place), LZPM 0.16 (60th place)
Balz 1.15 (67th place), PPMX 0.06 (77th place)
5.11.10 – Updated 7-zip 9.18b (33th place, up to 7 places due to LZMA2 and DELTA), FreeArc 0.67a (21th place, up to 9 places due to DisPack – exe filter), WinRar 3.93 (38th place), StuffIt 12 (45th place).
Added RZM 0.07h (32th place), CCM 1.30c (19th place)
25.11.07 – Tested Paq8o8pre (Now it’s the best compressor!). It uses Precomp 0.3.7 and PackJPG 2.3. Added Lzpm 0.12 (added EXE-filter) – better than all previous versions.
Nania Francesco Antonio added WAV and BMP-filter into all his programs: Hook 1.1, WinTurtle 1.4.0b, Rings 0.2, Lzc 0.08. Thanks!
FreeArc 0.40 updated to Prerelease 3 (it’s the last test version before final release!)
WinAce updated to 2.69i.
5.11.07 – Added Paq8o8 (jpg improvements by Jan Ondrus, PGM detection bug fix by KZ). Slightly better than Paq8o7. It will be 1st only if special audio model (WAV) will be added! I hope it will be near future 🙂
Lpaq (by M.Mahoney) – it’s lite version of Paq8o (without special models). Tested Lpaq6 and LPaq7(e) (both improovements by Alexander Ratushnyak), but Lpaq6 is better than Lpaq7 (DLL-test)!
LPrePaq 1.3 (Christian Schneider, M. Mahoney, A. Ratushnyak, using precomp.dll 0.3.7 by C. Schneider and packJPG.dll 2.3 by Matthias Stirner)
LzTurbo 0.1 by Hamid Bouzidi (with mode -59x it uses precomp (C. Schneider) and packjpg (M. Stirner)), CCM and CCMx 1.26b (Christian Martelock) were updated (small improovements).
Added WinTurtle 1.3.0, Rings 0.1, Lzc 0.07 (all by Nania Francesco Antonio (Italy)!), AlZip 7.0b1 (ESTsoft Corp.)
FreeArc 0.40 pre2** (by Bulat Ziganshin, using lzma (Igor Pavlov), ppmd (Dmitry Shkarin), grzip (Grebnov Ilya), TTA) uses external PPMonstr var J on all files (except WAV), Precomp 0.3.7 on PDF and JPG (PackJPG 2.3)
FreeArc 0.40 pre2* uses external PPMonstr var J (by Dmitry Shkarin) on TXT, DIC and LOG, Precomp 0.3.7 (by C.Schneider) on PDF and JPG (PackJPG 2.3 by M.Stirner)
FreeArc 0.40 pre2 (without “*”) doesn`t use any external compressors.
23.09.07 – Tested LZPM 0.11 and LZPM 0.11lite (without EXE filter it’s worse than 0.10). Added PAQ 8o5 (improovements by KZ, M. Mahoney (APM) and Jan Ondrus (JPG)).
Nania Francesco Antonio released Hook 1.0 and Lzc 0.06. Christopher Mattern released CMM (18.09.2007). WinRar 3.71 and 7-zip 4.55b were released (no changes in compression engine)
26.08.07 – Added LZPM 0.10 (Ilia Muraviev), Paq8o with improved JPG (Jan Ondrus) and BMP (Andreas Morphis) compression (Matt Mahoney, Serge Osnach, Alexander Ratushnyak, Bill Pettis,
Przemyslaw Skibinski, Matthew Fite, wowtiger, Andrew Paterson, Jan Ondrus, Andreas Morphis, Enrico Zeidler). 2nd place in bmp compression. It`s better than Paq 8k!
Lprepaq 1.1 – it is a combination of Precomp 0.3.6 (Christian Schneider) and Lpaq1 (Matt Mahoney) crashed on decompressing EXE and DOC files.
19.08.07 – Tested LZPM 0.09, WinTurtle 1.2.1, QuickLZ 1.30 final, Uharc 0.6b (with asymmetric mode -m3), retested FreeArc 0.40 – now it’s faster and better than Uharc 0.6b (especially decompression)! LzTurbo 0.01 crashed on CHM file.
FreeArc 0.40* (with “*”) – PPmonstr Var J was automatically used only on TXT and LOG files, PackJPG 2.2 on JPG and Precomp 0.3.4 on PDF. FreeArc 0.40 without “*” didn’t use any external programs!
Also added some compression/decompression speeds.
All compressors are strongly tuned for every file (I try many parameters).

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