Ultra7z Docx/Xlsx/Pptx Office Optimizer 1.10

Ultra7z Docx/Xlsx/Pptx Office Optimizer
Optimize and convert your document files (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, DOCM, XLSM, XLSB, PPTM – MS Office and LibreOffice formats) to smaller size! Program optimizes your document file to new one with “_optimized” name ending (source file will remain intact). Maximum compression for office files without quality loss – up to 10-50% (Lossless)! Full compatible with original office format. The document is reduced by repacking the contents with a stronger compression algorithm. Batch processing of files (drag-n-drop). It uses 2 programs and selects the best result: ECT (Efficient Compression Tool), AdvanceCOMP. Compression mode: good (faster) or best (slowly). The main difference between Ultra7z Docx/xlsx/pptx Optimizer and other similar repackaging programs is that it saves quality of all pictures inside your documents. Full stats – saved disk space (Mb) total and for each archive in the list.

Ultra7z Docx/xlsx/pptx Optimizer 1.10 (c) 2020

– Maximum compression for office files without quality loss (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, DOCM, XLSM, XLSB, PPTM, ODT, ODS, ODP, ODF, ODB, ODG) – up to 10-40%! Large Excel files (xlsx) are reduced to 50-60%!
– Full compatible with original office format (MS Office etc).
– Compression of graphic files/images without loss in quality (Lossless) up to 5-30%!
– High compression ratio – better than original office program.
– Batch processing of files (drag-n-drop).
– Compression mode: fast (faster), normal, good or best (slowly).
– You can set “Low CPU usage (only 2 threads)” or uncheck it for best perfomance.
– You can set “Run in background (without console output)” or uncheck it for manual process control.
– Option “Preserve file attributes (time stamps, file access rights, etc.)”.

Used programs:
ECT (Efficient Compression Tool) – https://github.com/fhanau/Efficient-Compression-Tool
AdvanceCOMP – http://www.advancemame.it

Run only 1 active instance of the program!.

It is freeware compressor for documents word DOCX, tables excel XLSX and presentations powerpoint PPTX!

Current archive has its own status in the list: «running», «done» and «saved space».
Full stats:
1. Number of optimized files (total and current session).
2. Files in the queue (quantity).
3. Saved disk space (Mb) total and for each archive in the list.
(You need to save files «res\size.txt» and «res\numbers.txt» before updating, if you want to save the overall statistics («Total»)).

Please send any bugs and requests to [email protected] whith subject “Ultra7z docx/xlsx/pptx Optimizer”
Use it carefully!

Icon made by Eucalyp from www.flaticon.com

It’ free for commercial and non-commercial use!
You can’t use its program into your programs! (only after agreement with author!)
If you like my program and you want help improve it, you can help me (donate) here.
Contact me at [email protected]

2020-07-01 – 1.10
– improved compression by adding:
ECT (Efficient Compression Tool) (c) Felix Hanau
AdvanceCOMP (c) Andrea Mazzoleni
– added option “Preserve file attributes (time stamps, file access rights, etc.)”
– added modes fast,normal,good,best
– added time start and finish
– added % in statistics
– added horisontal scroll in list of files

2020-05-13 – 1.02
– fixed some bugs

2020-05-12 – 1.01

Download Ultra7z Docx/Xlsx/Pptx Optimizer 1.10 (3 Mb):
Download here (3 mb)
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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