Ultra7z Archive Optimizer 1.14

Ultra7z Archive Optimizer
Optimize and convert your 7z (rar, zip…) to smaller 7z archives! Auto switch PPMD/LZMA/LZMA2/DEFLATE/DELTA/BZIP2 during creation 7z-archives (+ improved (tuned) lzma for jpg, bmp, wav, exe…) Full compatible with original 7z format. High compression ratio – better than non tuned 7-zip original. Batch processing of archives (drag-n-drop). Fast and Ultra modes for repacking! Reduce the size of your old and new archives in one click! Save space on your computer or cloud storage, and don’t overpay for storing your files!

ultra7z optimizer
Ultra7z Optimizer 1.14 (c) 2008-2022
7-Zip Copyright (C) 1999-2022 Igor Pavlov.
Use it carefully! Please create backup copy before use it.
Please verify content of each archive.
Run only 1 active instance of the program!

How does it work?
When creating an archive in 7-zip or any other program, you can select only 1 compression algorithm for all files added at a time. Although the program provides several of them. Different algorithms are more effective for different types of files. For example, texts are better compressed using PPMD, but binary files are LZMA, uncompressed audio files (wav) or images (bmp) need a DELTA filter, and so on.

Ultra7z Optimizer repacks such an archive using all possible compression algorithms, trying (sorting) different algorithms for each file type (there is a selection by file extension). At the end, it creates the smallest possible archive size (i.e. it optimizes the original archive, the content does not change!). This is why it is quite a long process (several times longer than simply creating an archive), but it will not affect the speed of unpacking the archive, it will still be very fast (unlike other superarchivers like PAQ, where you have to wait for hours to unpack, here it takes only a few seconds or even less). The compression gain can be up to 10-20% for certain types of files! If the optimized archive is the same size as the original one or larger, the program will leave the original archive unchanged, i.e. you will not lose anything in size in any case.

Thus, the program can also be used as a regular Converter from various types of archives (zip, rar, etc.) to 7z archives.

For daily use, I recommend the “Normal” mode, it is fast enough and gives good results. For better compression, use the “good” or “best” modes. And if you are ready to wait longer, then “ultra”. The “Extreme” and “Extreme2” modes can be selected if the archive size is small enough (up to 10-50 MB), or if you want to get maximum compression despite a fairly long repacking process. If you have more than 4 GB of RAM, you can increase the size of the LZMA dictionary to 256 MB and PPMD to 1024 MB, which can further improve compression. Also, a small improvement usually gives an increase of the parameter “LZMA word Size” to 273.

The main difference between Ultra7z Optimizer and other similar repackaging programs is that it works much faster, because it does not go through all the compression options (and there are more than 400 of them), and tries only the main ones (giving the greatest gain), without chasing hundreds of percent.

– Auto switch PPMD/LZMA/LZMA2/DEFLATE/BZIP2 during creation 7z-archives (+ improved (tuned) lzma for jpg, bmp, wav, exe…)
Full compatible with original 7z format.
– High compression ratio – better than non tuned 7-zip original.
– Supported formats: 7z, ZIP, ZIPX, CAB, RAR, ARJ, LZH, GZIP, BZIP2, Z, CHM, ISO, NSIS, TAR, CPIO, RPM and DEB (formats supported by 7-zip).

Program optimizes your file to new one with «_optimized» name ending (source file will remain intact).

Current archive has its own status in the list: «running», «done» and «saved space».
Full stats:
1. Number of optimized files (total and current session).
2. Files in the queue (quantity).
3. Saved disk space (Mb) total and for each archive in the list.

It’ free for commercial and non-commercial use!
If you like my program and you want help improve it, you can help me (donate) here.
Contact me at [email protected]

Ultra7z Archive Optimizer 1.14
– Update 7z 21.07.
– Option “Use 7z 19.0”
– Improved compression in some cases: added max dict size for LZMA 3840 Mb.
– Improved compression in some cases: added fast tests for delta 1-32.
– Improved compression in some cases: added bt5.
– Improved compression for graphics files in some cases in best+ modes.
– Final check with small LZMA dictionary (this check helps to avoid file loss).
– “No-ppmd” and “No-bzip2” options (for faster asymmetric decompression).
– On/Off option for limit compression memory 80%.
– Save source archive extension if result is larger.

2021-11-20 – 1.13
– Improved compression of large archives with many file types.
– Improved “extreme2” compression with “mc” parameter for LZMA.
– Improved PPMD compression in “extreme2”.
– Improved “normal” compression in some cases.
– Added 2 new options: “Set multithreading mode for filters” (faster compression), “Set Large Pages mode” (faster 5-10% on big archives).
– Default 2 parallel jobs (faster).

2021-04-04 – 1.12
– Added parallel processing of tasks – faster, but need more CPU usage and memory (RAM)(2-6 parallel jobs).
– Default 128 Mb for LZMA Dictionary.
– Deleting temp files after each iteration (instead of deleting at the end).
– Added 2 tests at the end in ultra/extreme modes (solid-3 and solid-4).
– Improved EXE compression in some cases.
– Improved fb detection for bt2/bt3 in extreme2.
– Internal optimizations.

2021-01-03 – 1.09
– Improved EXE compression.
– Improved PPMD compression.
– Improved compression of some typical extensions.
– Improved fb detection.
– Improved qs check.
– Added sizes 1536 Mb for LZMA/LZMA2 and 2048 Mb for PPMD.
– Added bt2, bt3, delta:2 in extreme2 mode.
– Added time for each archive from the list.
– Added “Wait…” on the button “Start” after click on it.
– Fixed “Low CPU usage” mode – now it uses less resources.
– Some internal optimizations.

2020-07-05 – 1.07
– Improved compression in some cases.
– Added 1 new variant for graphics file in best+ modes.
– Added method “copy” for totally incompressible files.
– Improved fb detection for some files.
– Added compare with simple solid LZMA and LZMA2 at the end.
– Added option – “Low CPU usage (background, only 1 thread)(slow)”.
– Added % in statistics.
– Added horisontal scroll in list of files.

Ultra7z Archive Optimizer 1.05
– Some internal optimizations.
– New stats: start and finish time, progress, count trials.
– New option – “Create new archive instead of deleting (with “_optimized” name)”.
– New option – “High CPU usage for BZIP2 (>2 threads)”.
– New option – “High CPU usage for LZMA2 (>2 threads)”.
– Fixed false positives of some antiviruses.

2020-05-11 – 1.04
– Improved compression on some files – +1 trial in “normal”, +3 trials in “good” and other modes.
– New option in GUI – Run in background (without console output).
– Main window doesn’t freeze during operation.
– Current archive has its own status in the list: “running”, “done” and “saved space”.
– New stats:
1. Number of optimized files (total and current session).
2. Files in the queue (quantity).
3. Saved disk space (Mb) for each archive in the list.
– You need to save files “res\size.txt” and “res\numbers.txt” before updating, if you want to save the overall statistics (“Total”).

2020-05-04 – 1.03
-improved GUI: added sizes of saved disk space (Mb): last file, total last session, total.
-improved GUI: check for new version – Help -> Check updates.

2020-04-25 – 1.02
-improved GUI: you can add multiple files at once by drag-n-drop

2020-04-20 – 1.01
-updated 7-zip 19.0 Final
-new GUI
-LZMA2 in normal mode
-some optimizations in compression trials

Download Ultra7z Optimizer 1.14 (3 Mb):
Download here (3 mb)
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

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